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Welcome to Kahunaflowers



Our specialty is helping groups raise funds through the sale of custom
floral arrangements. From that foundation, the sky’s the limit.

Lots of Options

Sell flowers for Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and more. We’ll help you find the program that’s right for your group.


A Different Kind of Fundraiser

Fundraising is an absolute necessity these days. However, it can often seem daunting, stressful and end up downright disappointing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Traditional sales get tired and boring, but treading into unfamiliar territory unaided can lead to disaster. Adding flowers to the mix sounds wonderful at first, but what about the logistics of dealing with live product? Perhaps you’ve even attempted a flower sale in the past and found it to be too costly and cumbersome to be worth the effort.

At Kahuna Flowers, we’ve changed all that. True, working with flowers can be a thorny endeavor, but when you team up with us, you have none of that to worry about. We do the dirty work, freeing you up to have fun and sell, sell, sell. You get to offer a beautiful product actually want to buy, without all the hassle, and at no cost to you.

Successful Fundraising Solutions

There are three components of a successful fundraiser:

1. It must be a product that is so attractive, it sells itself.
2. It must be profitable enough to dedicate time to.
3. It has to be simple in its orientation.

These are the hallmarks of all Kahuna Flowers programs.

Who We’ve Helped

Kahuna flowers has worked with numerous high schools, middle schools, colleges and universities a well as businesses and other organizations. Feel free to contact us for references.


Getting Started

The first step you’ve already completed: You have decided to raise funds.

Next, get excited – because that’s the mentality of a successful fundraiser.

Finally, contact a Kahuna Flowers representative! Once that decision is made, you’re tapped into our proven fundraising system. From organizing your event and making sales to delivierng the floral goods, we will help you, step by step, operate one of the most simple, yet lucrative fundraisers available. Our company provides the guidance, equipment, marketing materials, credit card capability, and flowers; your organization brings to the table the willingness to have fun, get invovled, and earn!

Other Benefits

  • No risk to you: No up-front investment; no worry of your flowers not making it. We take care of this part.
  • Expert guidance: We guide you step by step through the fundraising process, so there’s no guesswork.
  • Marketing strategy: You will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy and timeline, complete with custom, print-ready advertising materials, to help make your fundraising successful.
  • Online ordering system and credit card processing: We offer these convenient services through our website to help maximize your market!
  • Sizeable return: With a bit of effort on your end, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results of your Kahuna fundraiser!